Visit Beara

Visit Beara Peninsula a fantastic place the only Irish Peninsula to belong to two counties, Cork and Kerry. Anyone considering a visit to Ireland should consider a visit to the Beara Peninsula, simply put unspoilt countryside far from the madding crowds experienced in neighbouring Ring of Kerry or the Dingle peninsula. The people of the Beara are used to a slower way of life and you will not see too many coaches making it onto the Beara as simply put they cannot get around it. So for travelling on the roads of Beara expect an easier access to the parts that other places can’t get…

The ring of Beara can be completed in a car in one day, however an idea for experiencing Ireland properly is to “take your time” and stop in the small villages and get to meet real people; rather than a quick stop hello and go.

There is plenty of opportunities for things to do on the Beara including but not limited to.

  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Fishing
  • Diving
  • Nature Watching
  • Historical Tours
  • Boat tours
  • Island tours

The list is endless and the longer you stay on the Beara the better you will be able to interact with people and nature.

Visit Beara

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